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Sharing the love and hope of Jesus with the people of Alaska

"Alaska is one of the most beautiful places on earth! It's a state unlike any other. With its amazing landscapes, snow covered mountains and endless shore lines, it remains a place full of amazing adventures and imagination. 

Alaska is more than a travel destination, it is also home for some of the most incredible people that you could ever hope to meet.

Pam and I are are passionate about kids ministry and we have made it our mission to reach all of the children in Alaska!" 

-Trace Hodges

"Our mission is simple..."

My name is Pam Hodges and my husband, Trace and I serve as U.S. missionaries and have lived in Alaska for the past 35 years. We love our home.


We are passionate about working with children and families in various communities, both rural and urban, around our state.

With God's help, we will bring the hope and love of Jesus, to every community in Alaska!




Pam & Trace Hodges

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